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School Data

The data for our most recent Phonics Screening tests (2019) are below:

 School 89%
 National 82%

At key stage 1, teacher assessment is reported for reading, writing, mathematics and science. At key stage 2, national curriculum test outcomes are reported as scaled scores, where 100 represents the expected standard and 110 represents the high standard.  At key stage 2, teacher assessment is reported for writing and science.

The national average for progress is zero. Information on the government’s new accountability measures is at:

Teacher assessment frameworks at the end of key stage 1

Teacher assessment framework at the end of key stage 2

The data for our most recent Key Stage 1 teacher assessments (2019) are below:

 Subject area Level Achieved School National
 ReadingExpected Standard and Above78%75%
Working at Greater Depth30%25%
 WritingExpected Standard and Above67%69%
Working at Greater Depth22%15%
 MathsExpected Standard and Above70%76%
Working at Greater Depth22%22%
 ScienceExpected Standard and Above85%82%

The data for our most recent Key Stage 2 SATs results (2018) are below:

Expected Standard and AboveWorking at Higher LevelAverage Score
Reading TestSchool56%19%100.6
Writing (Teacher Assessed)School74%19%
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar TestSchool59%19%101.2
Mathematics TestSchool67%11%101.6
Science (Teacher Assessed)School81%
CRWM (Combined Reading, Writing and Maths)School56%7%

Progress Score


More information can be found on the DFE School Performance Tables website.