Primary School


Following our Ofsted inspection, in January 2023, we are extremely proud that Layfield continues to be a good school. Provision in Early Years is outstanding.

We are delighted with our inspection report, which can be found at the link below.

“Leaders and staff work together to fulfil the vision for their school to be a place where every pupil reaches higher by learning and growing together. From their start in the early years, leaders make sure that children are ready for the next steps in their education.”

“Most pupil’s follow the school rules of Respect, Ready and Safe. They are polite and respectful towards staff and each other. Pupils enjoy golden time after demonstrating good behaviour. Bullying is rare. Pupils know that adults will always help them. They are confident to report any concerns they have. This helps pupils to
feel safe and happy.”

“Pupils enjoy learning new sports and developing their musical talents . They take part in competitive games such as dodgeball. They enjoy opportunities to play at the local cricket club Pupils win votes to become school councillors . They learn to lead others in roles such as head boy and head girl Pupils are proud to contribute to their school and the local community.”

“Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum for all pupils. This includes pupils with special educational needs and /or disabilities (SEND).”

“Leaders have made learning to read a priority. Pupils enjoy reading stories every day. Older pupils value fiction books such as ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman. They discuss texts and learn how to infer characters’ feelings. Phonics teaching starts in Nursery where children learn to recognise and write initial
letter sounds. Teachers check children’s understanding so that children learn to read and write accurately. Teachers identify pupils who need extra time to practise.”  

Layfield Primary School Ofsted Report

Ofsted Website